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Production FAQ


This is general information when it comes to cap production inquiries:


Absolute minimum amount for production orders starts with 50 items per color/design.
MOQ may be increased depending on item requested. Bespoke/custom shape can incur additional development, different components (specialty fabrics, badges, different patches, etc.) used in cap production have different minimums to order/produce on demand. We also offer possibility for client to supply its own fabrics and/or accessories if they wish to control supply chain, or to reduce MOQ if our conditions are not suitable.
Please provide full information on item and order (quantities, deadline, etc.) and we will evaluate if item can be produced and your project/order is viable.
You are welcome to order any cap in our online store to inspect or use it to further develop your cap/design. On demand samples can be arranged after full design and order description is provided. Generally sampling takes up to 2 weeks and cost 50 euros + VAT. There are situations, when custom/on demand fabrics or other components are needed, in such cases sampling timeframe or cost can change and will be handled according to exact situation.
We do not provide free samples or items from previous/other client runs, as they contain designs/intellectual property of other clients. Some of our previous works can be found HERE, if there is interest in specific shape/design please let us know what exactly interest you.
Pricing is calculated according to these aspects:

• Fabric - fabric type, composition and color requested will determine suitable supplier(s) with different minimums and pricing. Fabric cost per meter can vary from 1 to 30+ euros per meter. We also offer option for client to supply their own fabric for production.
Production - requested shape and other design aspects may change production techniques, required components and cost.
• Embroidery -
cost is calculated per amount of stitching required to embroider provided artwork. Maximum of 12 colors can be in one artwork. Cost will be impacted on actual artwork, its size, amount of them, embroidery type (3D, flat, specialty thread, etc.). Artwork file with measurements is required to calculate cost, for best results vector file is required.
• Additional customization/modification -
(for example badge attachments, embroidery alignment on separate panels, accessories, sublimation, unique materials, etc.) price is calculated case by case upon receiving exact details.

After design sheet/sketch and order information is provided we will be able to evaluate it and quote price.
Lead times will depend on current order load, order size, complexity and what/where has to be sourced from to start production, due to all these aspects order can leave production in 3 weeks or 3 months. If you have deadline when you need to have your hats with you, please state such deadline or timeframe with order/design information and we will let you know if we are able to help you. Orders planned for summer we recommend to submit more time in advance (as early as possible) as it is our busiest season and production capacity fills up fast.
We are shipping orders using UPS or DPD courier service depending on which offers better rates to your destination and additional delivery requests/conditions. All orders are shipped from Lithuania, Vilnius. General request to provide shipping cost to certain country is impossible to calculate, we need to know exact address where we will ship it and order size (shipping cost changes depending on amount of boxes and their weight). Shipping cost is also subject to change and might change at the time of actual delivery. We also offer EXW option, if our shipping conditions/cost does not suit client or they have better shipping terms, they will be provided with address to use their own courier to pick up finished order, we will assist to arrange smooth pick up.
Often yes, but such requests are sensitive to many factors starting with how they are included in production and component supply chain. For this reason we need to understand how radical are customizations, what exactly you have in mind and have full picture of your order.
We do not work on catalogue based structure, each order is produced on demand. Each client we work with has its own requirements. Prices are being calculated case by case.
We are based in Lithuania and all our products are produced inhouse. We are direct manufacturer, not distributor or reseller of imported items. All embroidery is also done inhouse in Lithuania too.
We offer range of accessories and work with some fabric manufacturers/suppliers, so we are able to provide FOB production option to certain orders, but we also work in CMT setting where client provides fabric and/or other accessories (for brands that have uniform look between different pieces of garment). Client by supplying its own fabric can also reduce order MOQ.
Almost every client inquires us about sustainability and when asked most of them has completely different idea what that means or what they expect.
Yes, we care about sustainability, our main objective is to source components from trusted and fair suppliers, provide fair wage for our employees, use resources and energy mindfully to produce items that are durable and will serve well, not create waste for more profit. We can also supply and/or use certified fabrics (according to requested certification) or accommodate other requests, this will require to use specific suppliers, which can translate in significantly higher MOQ and price. In our experience no amount certificates will ensure that items produced will be truly environmentally friendly, only right combination of mindsets between manufacturer and brand will, let us know your idea.
No, currently we do not offer children hats.